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Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 867 – Visiting the Sun Family Again absorbed reply
Because the Crab Area was near to the City of Yuan, they would naturally are conscious of Sunshine Jingjing, the little girl from the popular Direct sun light Household plus Su Yang’s partner!
“T-Thank you so much, Young Woman!” The shield immediately bowed to her with tears streaming down his encounter.
Sunlight Jingjing nodded, “You’re appropriate. This may be the very last time I discover them, after all.”
“I came across them.” Su Yang stated a second right after closing his vision.
“Which pro is using spiritual feeling to spy on my community?” The Town Lord frowned immediately after sensing Su Yang’s spiritual feeling. Having said that, he didn’t dare to do everything, as he quickly seen that the psychic feeling was much stronger than perhaps the highest Earth Character Realm industry experts in their town.
“Are my parents home?” Sun Jingjing expected.
Su Yang and Sunlight Jingjing left behind the City of Yuan and traveled to Crab Area shortly after.
“Many thanks for the assistance.” Direct sun light Jingjing said to the defense and also the receptionist before causing the area with Su Yang.
“I have no idea. I’m sorry.”
“I came across them.” Su Yang reported an instant immediately after shutting his vision.
“They are really currently away for the organization getting together with with a handful of well known people.” The secure replied.
“That they had to go away the town, so it’ll get at least one week.”
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Su Yang and Direct sun light Jingjing left the metropolis of Yuan and traveled to Crab Community soon after.
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“I’m sorry, but we’re not agreeing to any family and friends for currently.” The receptionist stated without even looking at their amounts.
“Thank you for the support.” Direct sun light Jingjing thought to the guard as well as the receptionist before abandoning the site with Su Yang.
“I do not know. I’m sorry.”
Dual Cultivation
“I uncovered them.” Su Yang mentioned a moment immediately after closing his eyeballs.
Dual Cultivation
“Fairy Sunshine!”
“Encouraged backside, Small Girl, Older Su.” The identical defense that greeted them before welcomed them in the doorstep.
“That’s perfect. I’m Direct sun light Jingjing, plus i am here to view my families.”
Su Yang and Sunshine Jingjing left behind the metropolis of Yuan and attended Crab Community soon after.
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“Company getting together with that will require these people to go out? That’s unusual considering that my parents would usually have the other individuals arrive at our home.” Direct sun light Jingjing elevated her eye brows.
“Fairy Sunshine!”
The shield nodded, “Absolutely, Younger Young lady. The Masters must be in Crab City with the Seas Wind Hotel room at this time.”
The guard then converted to look at the handsome small male standing upright beside Sunlight Jingjing and swallowed nervously.
Dual Cultivation
“A meeting? What undesirable timing… I don’t need to intrude to them, but…” Sun Jingjing sighed.
“Me also, grandpa.”
“Me far too, grandpa.”